June 9, 10, 11, 2022
Bench Match Fees:**

Entry fee: $90 (Either light, Hunter, or Heavy Class)
Each additional entry discounts to $70.
Re-entries are $40 each (re-entry doesn't count for score, prizes or awards)

Entry Fee: Spouse & Children : $40

(children age 10-14 - minimum 10 years to compete) 

Re-entries $25 each


**We ask that you PLEASE submit your Bench Match entries by May 1, 2022, or at least call in advance so we can plan ahead... food, equipment, etc.

Make Check to:

Dan Meserve (1,000 yd. Handgun Club)

Mail registration and payments to:

Dan Meserve (1,000 yd. Handgun Club)

495 Hillcrest Way

Green River, Wy 82935